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Environment : Vocabulary and activities




  • The planet - interactive map (


  • Science news highlights of 2011
    "The year 2011 offered up glimpses of Earth-like planets, hints of the Higgs boson and suggestions of a discovery that could turn modern physics on its head.
    Headlines were dominated by the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan, which resulted in the loss of thousands of lives and plunged the country into a nuclear emergency.
    The BBC News website's science editor Paul Rincon looks back at an eventful year in science and the environment."


    In pictures: 2011 as seen from space (BBC)

  • Why the white wilderness needs our care
    "The number of ships visiting the Antarctic is growing; and that brings an increasing risk of accidents that could pollute the coastline and the
    Southern Ocean. In the Green Room this week, James Barnes says that governments must act now to protect the White Continent."







  • Ecokids - Site interactif sur l'Environnement (


  • The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe, with support from the Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program and the Toyota Social Contributions Fund, present GREEN PACK (FLASH site) - ( :
    - Environmental components : Air - Water - Soil - Biodiversity
    - Threats and Pressures : Urbanization - Noise - Waste - Chemicals
    - Human activities : Energy - Transport - Industry - Agriculture - Forestry - Tourism
    - Global challenges : Climate change - Ozone depletion - Acidification - Seas and Oceans
    - Values : Consumer society - Health and Environment - Citizens' Rights - Our Earth in the Future

  • Geography Action! (National Geographic)
    "is an annual conservation and awareness program designed to educate and excite people about natural, cultural, and historic treasures. Each year, they will present a different topic related to conservation and the environment. The Geography Action! program features:
    a) Kids Take Action!, an activity-based conservation awareness program ;
    b) Geography Awareness Week, a series of events to celebrate conservation;
    c) Lesson Plans;
    d) Games; and
    e)Photo Galleries.
    Topics so far include: Biodiversity, Conservation, Habitats, Population, Rivers, U.S. Public Lands."


  • EPA Explorers' Club - Environmental Protection Agency's Kids Page -
    Thèmes proposés : "air, water, plants and animals, garbage and recycling, you and your environment, and games."


  • Explorers Club ABC's of Superfund
    A chaque lettre de l'alphabet correspond un mot relatif à l'environnement
    . On retrouve ce mot dans une phrase accompagnée d'une image animée.


  • Ersys (
    "Using maps, charts, reports, and relevant links, Ersys covers over 1300 US cities with detailed information on demographics, environmental factors, economic indicators, housing stats, media (newspaper, television, and radio), schools, transportation, local contacts, and much more!"
  • Rainforest Teaching Theme ( :
    Activities (Reading & Writing) - Web Quests - Interactive Sites For Students - Worksheets - Lesson Plans...
  • Families around the world join war on plastic - in pictures - 5 June 2018
    "To celebrate World Environment day, Reuters photographers met people from Athens to Singapore trying to play their part as the war on plastics becomes a key political topic"

  • Alphabetical Index of Health Topics -
    "This listing consists of information on a variety of environmental health topics, including answers to some common environmental questions. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences conducts basic research on environmental health and environment-related diseases."











Ozone layer


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Environment : Vocabulary and activities


  • Ozone has 'strong climate effect'
    "Ozone could be a much more important driver of climate change than scientists had previously predicted, according to a study in Nature journal."









  • Museum of unnatural mystery (unmuseum)
    "Are there really flying saucers? What killed the dinosaurs? Is there something ancient and alive in Loch Ness?
    The Museum takes a scientific look at these, and other, questions."