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  • Pollution is the world's biggest killer (October 23, 2017) - a lesson plan with audio
    "A new study has found that pollution is now the world's biggest killer. One in six deaths worldwide is because of pollution."

    Try the same news story at these easier levels: Pollution - Level 0Pollution - Level 1  or  Pollution - Level 2
    Make sure you try all of the online activities for this reading and listening - There are dictations, multiple choice, drag and drop activities,
    crosswords, hangman, flash cards, matching activities and a whole lot more. Please enjoy :-)


  • London air pollution - a lesson + a video


  • Pollution - Lesson plan (
    "Pollution is the addition to the ecosystem of someting which has a detrimental effect on it. One of the most important causes of pollution is the high rate of energy usage by modern, growing populations.
    Different kinds of pollution are found:
    • Air Pollution.
    • Water Pollution.
    • Land Pollution. 
  • Pollution - a lesson
    "Students will be able to: 
    1. Identify and discuss different kinds of pollution. 
    2. Identify and discuss sources of pollution. 
    3. Discuss and explain why it is important to keep the environment free of pollution..."



  • ToxMystery "about household chemical hazards.
    Toxie the Cat helps kids find the hazards hidden in each room and offers hints when needed."

    - with lesson plans and activities

  • Brazil fury over Britain’s toxic waste - a lesson plan
    "Brazilians are furious over 1,400 tonnes of British garbage arriving at its ports. The stinking waste included toilet seats, dirty diapers, leaking batteries and used syringes..."

    WARM-UPS : Kind of waste / Waste disposal / Being furious

    Brazil demands return of UK waste

  • Human noise pollution a danger to sea life - a lesson plan
    (Breaking News English)




  • EARTH PROBLEMS - a webquest
    I. Air Pollution - II. Energy Depletion - III. Overflowing Landfills - IV. Rain Forest Destruction - V. Vanishing Species - VI. Water Pollution


  • Earth Day Webquest - What is the Most Serious Problem Facing Earth?
    "In this special Earth Day WebQuest, student teams vie for funding from the fictional Help Our World (HOW) Foundation.
    Each team builds a case for a critical environmental concern.
    Which threat is the most critical? Which team should be awarded the foundation's $1 million grant?
    Included: student work sheets, lots of Earth Day resources, more."
    (Education World)


  • Is there a Pollution Solution?
    "What can we do to to help the environment?  You will complete the following webquest to learn about the different types of pollution, how they affect the earth and living things, and what we can do to counteract these effects."

  • Water webquest
    "You are going to create a Public Service Announcement or PSA that people can search on the Internet and read or watch to learn about water pollution and to get them to help stop it!
    Create your PSA in response to a number of incidents in which the water has become polluted in different areas around where we live such as Chimacum Creek or the Puget Sound or the Hood Canal. Your PSA will help to increase public awareness about water pollution and it will hopefully help to prevent its spread." 
  • Chemical Pollution WebQuest
    "You are a member of an Environmentalist Organization.  Your goal is to convince the State Legislature to pass stronger Laws preventing the release of chemical pollutants into the environment.
    Create a PowerPoint presentation or a 3-page typed paper on a certain chemical."