(Created on 15/01/2016)



  • Vietnam Bans Unsafe Seafood in Central Provinces - Text + Audio - 6 May 2016
    "Vietnamese officials have banned unsafe sea food in the country’s central provinces.
    The ban comes almost a month after signs of a massive fish kill along the coast.
    Activists and protesters think a steel company is to blame for the deaths of so many sea creatures."

  • Plastic pollution - Audio + Script + Vocabulary + Questions - 11 February 2010
    "Join Dan and Kate this week as they talk about pollution. How is plastic affecting the environment and what can we do to make the situation better?"

  • Mealworms Can Eat Plastic Waste - Text + Audio + Video - 17 November 2015
    "Plastic pollution is a growing problem on our planet. Scientists from the U.S. and China have discovered that mealworms can digest plastic.
    One mealworm can digest a pill-sized amount of plastic a day."

  • WHO: Cut Climate Pollutants, Save Lives - Text + Audio - 26 October 2015
    "The World Health Organization says millions of premature deaths can be prevented each year by reducing short-lived climate pollutants.
    A WHO reports recommends cutting these pollutants—black carbon, ozone and methane."

    WHO = World Health Organization
  • India to Monitor Air Pollution in 10 Cities - Text + Audio - 8 April 2015
    "The Indian capital of New Delhi recently passed Beijing, China, for having the world’s most polluted air.
    Now, Indian PM Narendra Modi is launching a national air quality index to monitor pollution levels in 10 of the country’s major cities.
    Mr. Modi launched the air quality index this week."

  • WHO: Millions Die Every Year from Air Pollution - Audio + Script
    "Also this week, a new report says 2013 was one of the warmest years ever; how wind turbines in the sea may cut the power of severe storms;
    and how scientists hope to produce electricity from the power of ocean waves."