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  • Plume LABS - Let's beat air pollution
    The urban weather forecast to help you breathe better.

    - Know what you breathe in real-time in major cities around the world
    - Protect yourself and your loved ones with personalized and actionable advice to beat air pollution
    - Stay ahead of pollution and plan your day thanks to our hourly forecast (in a select subset of cities)







  • 20 Countries that are Used as Dumping Grounds for Your Waste
    "The safe disposal of waste, especially electronic waste, remains a challenge for many industrialized countries.
    Due to the difficulties and cost associated with proper disposal of waste that contains hazardous components it is often simply shipped to developing countries as used products.
    A lot of effort has been made to curb the dumping of waste in countries without the proper facilities to handle these products, but in many places the practice continues."







  • This Is Not A Road
    "It's the surface of a Louisiana waterway covered with hundreds of thousands of dead fish, crabs, eels and stingrays — even a dead whale..."



  • The 25 Most Polluted Places on earth - with photos + video
    "There are many ways you can classify pollution. It can be chemical, radioactive, or simply the presence of improperly disposed waste products. While some places, like Mexico City, have a very obvious problem with their heavy smog, do not be misled. The much more serene looking Lake Karachay in Russia would have you dead within an hour of sitting on its banks due to heavy radioactive contamination. So, whether the pollution is visible or not, take note because these are the 25 most polluted places on Earth."


  • Masdar: Abu Dhabi's carbon-neutral city - 28 March 2010
    "The world's first zero-carbon city is being built in Abu Dhabi and is designed to be not only free of cars and skyscrapers but also powered by the sun...
    Masdar will be home to about 50,000 people, at least 1,000 businesses and a university. "




  • Boat made of plastic bottles sets sail across Pacific - 21 March 2010
    "A boat (named Plastiki catamaran) made of 12,000 plastic bottles has set sail on a voyage from San Francisco to Sydney to spread awareness about pollution in the world's oceans...
    The 12,000 used water bottles are filled with carbon dioxide to make the vessel durable and buoyant.
    The catamaran is powered by solar, wind and sea turbines."

  • Hong Kong's air pollution reaches record levels - 22 March 2010
    "Air pollution levels in Hong Kong have reached a record high, prompting government warnings to people to avoid going out...
    There are tens of thousands of factories across the border in southern China which adversely affect Hong Kong's air quality, but ... roadside
    pollution remains a large part of the problem. "



  • Running the Numbers - An American Self-Portrait  
    "Each image portrays a specific quantity of something: fifteen million sheets of office paper (five minutes of paper use); 106,000 aluminum cans
    (thirty seconds of can consumption) and so on...
     Employing themes such as the near versus the far, and the one versus the many, I hope to raise some questions about the roles and responsibilities we each play as individuals in a collective that is increasingly enormous, incomprehensible, and overwhelming.  "

    Chris Jordan "is an artist based in SeattleWashington who is best known for his large scale works depicting mass consumption and waste, particularly garbage."



    Tagging technology to track trash - 14 July 2009
    "The ebb and flow of thousands of pieces of household rubbish are to be tracked using sophisticated mobile tags...
    It is hoped that making people confront the final journey of their waste will make them reduce what they throw away...
    In order to monitor how the pieces of rubbish move around the cities and beyond, the MIT team has developed a small mobile sensor that can be attached to individual pieces of waste. ..
    Everything will be traceable. "
    - with a VIDEO

  • World's most polluted cities + Other Olympic cities
    Source: World Bank 2004

    Idem (BBC)


  • Map shows toll on world's oceans - 14 February 2008
    "Only about 4% of the world's oceans remain undamaged by human activity, according to the first detailed global map of human impacts on the seas...
    A study in Science journal says climate change, fishing, pollution and other human factors have exacted a heavy toll on almost half of the marine waters.
    Only remote icy areas near the poles are relatively pristine, but they face threats as ice sheets melt, it warns."



  • Air Pollution - with "a list of a few of the common air pollutants and where they come from."

  • Hydrogen highway
    1 United States : 1.1 California / 1.2 Florida
    2 Canada...


  • Tox Town -
    "An introduction to toxic chemicals and environmental health risks you might encounter in everyday life, in everyday places."
    with color, graphics, sounds and animation.





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