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(Updated on 05/02/2014)





  • UN: World Temperatures Rising Faster Than Predicted - Text + Audio + Video - 28 July 2016
    "Report says record high temperatures and high carbon dioxide levels are evidence of the increasing speed of climate change.
    Weather experts say 2016 may be the hottest year ever recorded."

  • World Leaders to Sign Climate Agreement on Earth Day - Text + Audio - 21 April 2016
    "Leaders from 130 nations are gathering in New York to sign the historic climate deal.
    They will sign the Paris climate agreement at the United Nations on Friday, which is the 46th anniversary of Earth Day.
    That is the day when people around the world work to clean up the environment."

  • Sea Levels and Arctic Temperatures Rise - Text + Audio - 20 March 2016
    "Scientists studying sea levels say they are rising faster today than any time over the past 3,000 years.
    Another group of scientists also found temperatures in the Arctic hit record highs in January."

  • Everyday Grammar: The 'Should' vs. 'Shall' Debate - Text + Audio - 17 December 2015
    "The major global climate agreement reached in Paris last week almost did not happen because of one small word change.
    The final version of the agreement contained the word 'shall' instead of 'should.'
    We 'should' take a closer look at these two words here in Everyday Grammar!"

  • The Latest From Paris: Climate Conference Update - Text + Audio - 5 December 2015
    "Leaders from around the world gathered in Paris, France to discuss ways to cut climate change.
    Here is an update on what they are discussing. There is also news about a public-private group to finance clean and renewable energy."

  • Intense Heat May Be Linked to Climate Change - TEXT + AUDIO - 11 July 2015
    "People in many parts of the world are suffering from extreme heat lasting for extended periods.
    The World Meteorological Organization says it is too soon to know whether these heat waves are the result of climate change.
    The U.N. agency says more investigation is needed to learn the cause or causes."

  • Nations Preparing to Deal with Climate Change - Text + Audio + Video - 7 January 2015
    "In 2014, the UN released a series of climate reports that showed temperatures on Earth are rising. That is the bad news.
    The good news is that countries are working together to fight climate change.
    Experts say a 2-degree rise in temperature above pre-industrial times will cause serious damage."

  • Why is the Antarctic cooling? - Audio + Script
    "With all the talks about warmer climate, the opposite seems to be happening in Antarctica. Surface temperatures there are falling. A new study that explains these changes."

  • Ups and Downs in Copenhagen
    "There is a lot of mistrust between the poorer and rich nations."
    - a lesson plan
  • Arctic sea ice shrinks to record low - a lesson plan with audio (August 29, 2012)
    "Scientists have announced that the layer of ice covering the Arctic Ocean has shrunk to an all-time low record."

  • Aiming for a Deal on Climate Change
    Thousands of delegates meet through December 18 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
    The goal is an agreement to cut greenhouse gases and help developing countries. 
    Transcript of radio broadcast:
     12 December 2009

    "In Copenhagen, Denmark, the United Nations Climate Change Conference opened this week.
    Around fifteen thousand delegates and observers from nearly two hundred countries are there."