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(Updated on 18/02/2016)





  • Being Born A Girl - International Women's Day
    "All throughout their lives, women and girls must face various types of discrimination that greatly compromise their future prospects. During this International Women’s Rights Day, FIDH will be highlighting this sad fact in a video. FIDH reminds us that the struggle is not just for a day, and calls for actions to continue daily so that women’s rights can progress."



  • Gender Equality
    "Breaking down barriers to gender equality in education, employment and entrepreneurship would create new sources of economic growth."




  • New Ghostbusters trailer nods to controversy over race and gender - 9 March 2016
    "International promo for Paul Feig’s film appears to address the controversies over all-female casting and Leslie Jones’ ‘street-smart’ New Yorker character."





  • The Education Report: Wages for Women Years Behind Men - VIDEO - 17 February 2016
    "Women are still not making as much money as men, according to a World Economic Forum report.
    Based on current trends, it will take women 126 years to win wage equality, the report’s authors say.
    The most equity occurs in Northern European nations."


  • We Are #WomenNotObjects
    Daring pictures


  • Always #Like a girl
    "Utiliser #CommeUneFille en tant qu' insulte ou pour se moquer affecte la confiance de toutes les adolescentes..."



  • How to teach ... feminism - Article + Video - 11 January 2016
    "From the beats of Beyoncé to the battles of Boudicca, here’s our guide for teaching students about women’s rights."







  • Janis Joplin on Rejection - an animation
    "In my insides, it really hurts if someone doesn't like me. It's silly." - Janis Joplin
    "Village Voice journalist and radio personality Howard Smith interviewed Janis Joplin by phone on September 30, 1970.
    No one knew it would be her last interview, and four days later, the 27-year-old singer was dead. Now PBS Digital Studios presents that short interview in animated form.
    Joplin talks about seeking approval and dealing with criticism, particularly from the feminist press, which oddly belittled her accomplishments.
    Even groundbreaking pioneers want to be loved."


    SLANG words






  • A Men's Room Monologue
    "A funny animated movie about the various problems involved in using a public men's bathroom."