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(Updated on 31/10/2016)




  • Get Up, Stand Up by Bob Marley (Wikipedia)
    "The song is a simple call to people all over the world and Rastas in particular to stop allowing themselves to be abused and mistreated."
    - the VIDEO (YouTube)

  • Human Right Torch :
    "End the persecution, bring back human kindness,
    Handcuffs cannot replace the interlocking rings
    Let human rights light up the earth
    The Olympic purity cannot be stained with blood

    From mount Olympus the mighty flame was lit,
    The radiant flag, the interlocking rings,
    Friendship and glory, giving freely,
    Co-operation for peace, justice, human rights and freedom"


  • What is UNITED?
    "UNITED is an emotionally charged human rights music video unlike any other.
    Its production included a 45,000-mile world tour covering four continents and 13 countries..."