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(Updated on 13/05/2016)








  • Undercover: The Refugees Who Make Our Clothes (Panorama) - BBC News - 24 October 2016
    "An undercover BBC investigation has discovered Syrian refugee children making clothes for British shoppers.
    Panorama investigated factories in Turkey, and found children had been working on clothes for Marks and Spencer and the online retailer ASOS.
    The brands say they do not tolerate exploitation or child labour. Darragh MacIntyre has this report."


  • The child labourers helping luxury cars sparkle – video - 28 July 2016
    "Mica is a mineral used in products from cosmetics to car paint, where it creates a shiny, sparkly effect.
    It’s even used in heating elements for some household appliances. In India, illegal mines are known to use child labour.
    The link between child exploitation and cosmetics came to light over a decade ago, but a Guardian investigation has now revealed links to the car paint industry."

    Read the full story: Car firms linked to child labour over glittery mica paint



  • MADE IN THE USA: Child Labor & Tobacco
    "Child labor is common on tobacco farms in the United States, where children are exposed to nicotine, toxic pesticides, and other dangers..."






  • Children of the Fields
    "a short documentary about the hidden problem of migrant children working in U.S. agriculture today...
    Filmed in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Texas..."



  • The Cookie Raid: Community Organizing Frees Teen Slaves from Bakery - 3'43"
    "It’s a familiar story: a child taken, a family frantic for help. But for 24 families in India, the Free the Slaves model of educating and empowering impoverished villagers about their rights led to freedom for their sons. This inspiring video shows the dramatic rescue and uplifting story of how the boys moved from slavery to freedom."



  • Trafficking of Children in the United States: Documentary Film (YouTube)
    "Trafficking of children is a form of human trafficking and is defined as the "recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, and/or receipt" of a child for the purpose of exploitation. Though statistics regarding the magnitude of child trafficking are difficult to obtain, the International Labour Organization estimates that 1.2 million children are trafficked each year..."