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(Updated on 13/05/2016)


A nice cup of tea …
and other products that may be linked to child labour
– in pictures
- 12 June 2016
"On World Day Against Child Labour, we look at everyday
items that may involve some of the world’s 168 million child workers in their production processes,
from necklaces and smartphones to tea and chocolate."


"Imran, 11, left, and Nizam, 11, are photographed
on World Day Against Child Labour,
as they take a break from their work at a factory
that makes metal utensils.
The boys earn less than $5 per week."


TIME Colorized Photographs with Child Laborers in the US
in the Early 20th Century

"All photos were taken between 1908 and 1918 by Lewis Hine, who was serving as the photographer
for the National Child Labor Committee."




Child labour - with PHOTOS (pdf)
"In 2002, the ILO published a report
on economically active children..."


Photographs of Lewis W. Hine


UNICEF Ad Against Child Labour


Hidden Lives Revealed
"provides an intriguing encounter with children
who were in the care of The Children's Society
in late Victorian and early 20th Century Britain.
- with Activities, for example :Virtual Children's Home
"Navigate around a children's home and discover
what day to day life was like through photographs and documents."




Child Labor in America : 1908 - 1912