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(Updated on 13/05/2016)




  • Séquence "Child Labour" (Patricia Venturini - Ac. Lyon)

    "SCENARIO : Child Labour/ Respect des droits de l’enfant.

    Tâche finale : Lors d’une conférence de presse, votre groupe intervient sur le travail des Enfants.
    Vous faites le compte-rendu d’un travail d’enfants dans un pays donné et vous donnez votre position.

    Tâche intermédiaire : Ecrire un article sur le travail d’enfants dans le pays choisi."

  • Kids Helping Kids: UNICEF Kit Teaches Kids About Child Labor (Education World)


  • Activities on Child Labour (
    Activity 1: 
    "This activity is designated for schools in countries where child labour is not a key issue. It encourages students to envision what it is like to be a child labourer working in agriculture. The activity involves developing a profile of a child labourer on the basis of an image."
  • Child Labor
    "The units highlight the story of a teenager named Ali who shares his experience working in a restaurant in Jordan.
    The lesson plans, videos, multimedia and stories in this collection illustrate the issues and challenges of child labor, as well as how children and communities are being supported."




  • Child labour - Webquest
    "The focus question of the webquest addresses the issue of child labour and how we, as global citizens, can help eliminate it. Students explore important themes surrounding child labour including human rights specifically children’s rights, poverty, education, global justice and global citizenship..."