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  • Amnesty links palm oil used in household goods to child labour in Indonesia
    "Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, Kellogg's and Nestle are among those linked to Singapore-based company Wilmar, the human rights group says.
    The Amnesty report alleges that children as young as eight are working in "hazardous" conditions in Indonesia."


  • The kids who have to sew to survive - 23 October 2016
    "The first time you see a child hunched over a sewing machine in a hot, airless factory will never leave you...
    I'd been told that child labour was endemic in Turkey. But I wasn't prepared for the reality of it. Or the scale of it. One basement workshop was almost entirely staffed with children, many of whom couldn't have been more than seven or eight years old, the very picture of Dickensian misery...
    Only a tiny percentage of the estimated 3 million Syrians who have sought refuge in Turkey have the necessary work permits. To survive, they have to work illegally, without any rights, and for low wages."


  • Why some factory owners are celebrating India's child labour bill - 1 August 2016
    "Under a new, controversial child labour law that has just been passed by the Indian parliament, children younger than 14 are barred from working.
    But a provision says they may work after school hours and on holidays in the sports or entertainment industry or in family enterprises."


  • Silence far from golden for child labourers in the mines of Uganda - with pictures - 20 May 2016
    "Official records deny its very existence, but the grim reality is that gold unearthed by children working in Ugandan mines is flowing freely into the global market."


  • Child labour

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    World Day Against Child Labour 2016

  • Child labour - with PHOTOS (pdf)
    "In 2002, the ILO published a report on economically active children..."
  • Apple, Samsung and Sony face child labour claims - 19 January 2016
    "Human rights organisation Amnesty has accused Apple, Samsung and Sony, among others, of failing to do basic checks
    to ensure minerals used in their products are not mined by children."

  • 10 Modern-Day Forms of Child Labor
    Street Child Labor
    Tourism Labor
    Domestic Work
    Retail or Service
    Show Business




  • Products Of Slavery "is an amazing online visualization of products throughout the world created through using child or forced labor."



  • What is Child Labor?
    - Where does most child labor occur?
    - Child labor can be found in nearly every industry...

    "Educational materials containing introductory information on Child Labor, including Workshop Materials-Core Workshop on Child Labor and K-12 Teachers' Materials, are available through this web site.
    These materials include Power Point presentations , instructors' manuals, activities, and handouts."


  • The Declaration of the Rights of the Child, sometimes known as the Geneva Declaration of the Rights of the Child, is an international document promoting child rights, drafted by Eglantyne Jebb and adopted by the League of Nations in 1924, and adopted in an extended form by the United Nations in 1959.

  • The world of modern child slavery (BBC)
    "Slavery means you do not have the freedom to say 'no'."
  • Children in the Labor Force
    "The ILO considers hazardous child labor to be "work which, by its nature or the circumstances in which it is carried out,
    is likely to harm the health, safety, or morals of children."






    • Hidden Lives Revealed
      "provides an intriguing encounter with children who were in the care of The Children's Society in late Victorian and early 20th Century Britain.
      - with Activities, for example :Virtual Children's Home
      "Navigate around a children's home and discover what day to day life was like through photographs and documents."



  • Victorian Britain - Child Labour (BBC)
    (Learning - Games - Worksheets)

  • Child Labor in the nineteenth century