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  • USA:

    • Dozens of Wildfires Burn US West - Text + Audio + Photos - 26 August 2016
      "The dry season means wildfire season in the western United States.
      Fires blaze from California to Washington to Wyoming, and famous buildings and parks are in the way."


    • Firefighters Battle Western U.S. Wildfires - Text + Audio + Photos + Video - 17 August 2016
      "It is fire season in the western United States. In Southern California, firefighters face another day of difficult conditions.
      A huge wildfire forced more than 80,000 people from their homes. But officials now have new aircraft to fight the fires."




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  • The prisoners fighting wildfires in California - Article + Photos + Video - 24 September 2015
    "For months, thousands of firefighters have been battling raging wildfires in the tinder-dry forests of drought-stricken California.
    Most are employees of the state's fire service, but more than a third are prisoners, who earn money and early release in return for doing an exhausting, dirty and dangerous job."

  • Guests flee Las Vegas hotel fire
    FIRE :"Plumes of smoke billowed -
    the blaze was quickly contained by firefighters -
    The fire broke out - confined - fire ladders -
    automatic fire sprinklers - burning debris and embers -
    trapped - to evacuate - the fire alarms - injures - lives..."




  • LA firefighters battle wildfires (14 October 2008)
    "About 1,000 US firefighters are tackling wildfires near Los Angeles, which have caused two deaths, with 12,000 people driven from their homes...
    The first major wildfires of the season threaten hundreds of houses north of the city, in the San Fernando Valley...
    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency in two counties.
    The order covers Los Angles and Ventura."

    (BBC News)

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