(Updated on 05/10/2013)


  • The 7 Deadliest Natural Disasters in History
    "Nature can be unpredictable, and destructive… From ancient times to very recently, these gigantic cataclysms have impacted populated areas so deeply
    and killed so many people that they will be forever remembered as the worst natural phenomena to ever strike humanity.
    Here are the 7 deadliest natural disasters recorded in history, from fewest casualties to most..."




  • BP Spills Coffee - a comedy video (YouTube)
    "The Upright Citizens Brigade, a comedy troupe, describes a nightmarish environmental disaster: someone at BP international headquarters spills coffee. The executives take immediate and sensible action to contain the damage. Warning: some foul language."



  • Clarke & Dawe on the US Oil Spill
    John Clarke and Bryan Dawe on oil spills and a struggling president.
    “You’re not going to have a problem before you start.”


  • BP Gulf Oil Spill Leak Plume Gusher Disaster Video
    "BP releases video of the gushing oil "plume" spewing millions of gallons of oil a mile below the sea surface into the Gulf of Mexico,
    after trying to prevent the video from leaking. So to speak."



  • Video BarclayCard - De catastrophe en catastrophe... : un matin très particulier (
  • Olympics - a FLASH animation (


  • The Unfortunate Alphabet - an animation - 32.9 Mo
    "Synopsis: Children often learn the Alphabet by using key words to remember the letters.
    This version of the alphabet gives you some unfortunate  ways to remember the letters."



  • The Lycette Bros. Illustrated Alphabet of Unfortunate Chance - 404 Kb
    "Out for a morning stroll, the ever polite Monsieur Maurice contentedly and happily enters into scene after scene of an unfortunate nature without whimper or protest...
    We had the desire to make a piece that would take its inspiration from 18th century children's nursery rhymes - combining black humour with quaint illustrative linework."




  • Crash Scene Investigation - an animation (
    "Help the highway patrol recreate a deadly crash by examining the evidence and calculating the forces."

    Crash Scene Investigation - Glossary - UPDATED
    ex : Skid: "A mark left by tires on a road, typically from rapid deceleration.  Fresh skid marks have small pieces of the tire present."