(Updated on 05/10/2013)



  • BP Spills Coffee - a comedy video (YouTube)
    "The Upright Citizens Brigade, a comedy troupe, describes a nightmarish environmental disaster: someone at BP international headquarters spills coffee. The executives take immediate and sensible action to contain the damage. Warning: some foul language."



  • Clarke & Dawe on the US Oil Spill
    John Clarke and Bryan Dawe on oil spills and a struggling president.
    “You’re not going to have a problem before you start.”


  • BP Gulf Oil Spill Leak Plume Gusher Disaster Video
    "BP releases video of the gushing oil "plume" spewing millions of gallons of oil a mile below the sea surface into the Gulf of Mexico,
    after trying to prevent the video from leaking. So to speak."



  • Video BarclayCard - De catastrophe en catastrophe... : un matin très particulier (
  • Olympics - a FLASH animation (


  • The Unfortunate Alphabet - an animation - 32.9 Mo
    "Synopsis: Children often learn the Alphabet by using key words to remember the letters.
    This version of the alphabet gives you some unfortunate  ways to remember the letters."



  • The Lycette Bros. Illustrated Alphabet of Unfortunate Chance - 404 Kb
    "Out for a morning stroll, the ever polite Monsieur Maurice contentedly and happily enters into scene after scene of an unfortunate nature without whimper or protest...
    We had the desire to make a piece that would take its inspiration from 18th century children's nursery rhymes - combining black humour with quaint illustrative linework."




  • Crash Scene Investigation - an animation (
    "Help the highway patrol recreate a deadly crash by examining the evidence and calculating the forces."

    Crash Scene Investigation - Glossary - UPDATED
    ex : Skid: "A mark left by tires on a road, typically from rapid deceleration.  Fresh skid marks have small pieces of the tire present."