Detachment "is a 2011 American drama about the high school education system directed by Tony Kaye,
starring Adrien Brody with an ensemble supporting cast...
PLOT : Detachment is a chronicle of one month in the lives of several high school teachers, administrators and students
through the eyes of a substitute teacher named Henry Barthes (Adrien Brody).
Barthes' method of imparting vital knowledge to his temporary students is interrupted by the arrival of three women in his life.
His life gets more complicated when he takes in a teenage prostitute called Erica (Sami Gayle)...
Filming took place in Mineola Middle School and Mineola High School on Long Island, New York."














Detachment - Review

"Teachers from any sort of district will recognize the accurate depictions of so many issues in modern schooling - NCLB (No Child Left Behind),
standardized test scores, administrative politics, at-risk youth, parental involvement (and the lack thereof), the "dumping" of under-performing students
at a particular school, the link between school rankings and local property values, sexual innuendos and assumptions regarding teacher-student bonding,
teacher burnout, and so much more...."



Detachment - Review
"... Each one of these women, like Henry, are in a life and death struggle to find beauty in a seemingly vicious and loveless world."



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"There's a lot of things I don't understand
Why so many people lie
It's their hurt I hide that fuels the fire inside me
Will I always feel this way
So empty, so estranged"