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  • Plays and Plots
    "This lesson provides an introduction to plays and plots. It explores the differences between plays and films with a reading comprehension. It introduces different emotions with a word search. It looks briefly at the basic elements of some Shakespeare plays and gives students an opportunity to devise a simple plot. Students will practise their speaking and reading skills."
    Topics: Differences between plays and films; plots and emotions

    Lesson plan + Worksheet
  • Cover to Cover: Comparing Books to Movies - a lesson plan
    "Movies can be an integral part of the language arts classroom when they are used in ways that encourage and develop students’ critical thinking.
    In this activity, students explore matching texts—novels and the movies adapted from them—to develop their analytical strategies. They use graphic organizers to draw comparisons between the two texts and hypothesize about the effect of adaptation.
    They analyze the differences between the two versions by citing specific adaptations in the film version, indicating the effect of each adaptation on the story, and deciding if they felt the change had a positive effect on the overall story.
    Students then design new DVD covers and a related insert for the movies, reflecting their response to the movie version..."

  • From Text to Film: Exploring Classic Literature Adaptations - a lesson plan
    Estimated time: Four 50-minute sessions

    "While students read a novel, they imagine the characters, setting, and action taking place. 
    This lesson allows students to use their imaginations in the form of a storyboard. 
    Students first read a book that has a complementary film adaptation. 
    They then learn about adaptation by writing short paragraphs and adapting them for film using storyboards.
    Once they have evaluated the adaptations, the students will create their visions of the books and compare them to the film..."

  • What a Character! Comparing Literary Adaptations
    "How do literary characters evolve in various portrayals? How do these variations affect our understanding of the characters? In this lesson, students consider numerous portrayals of the same character to examine what gives characters lasting power and why and how they evolve over time."


  • Guide to Film Adaptations
    "Many films are adaptations or re-tellings of fiction and non-fiction works. This page will lead you to resources on how to adapt, the text of an actual adaptation, or discussion of a series of adaptations of a title. Here are some tips on finding a variety of resources..."








Divergent "is a 2014 American science fiction action film directed by Neil Burger,
based on the novel of the same name by Veronica Roth."