(Updated on 17/05/2014)


  • 'Rear Window':
    Un travail que Francis Henne donne en 3ème dans le cadre du thème "Cinéma" dans New Spring 3ème :
    - Rear Window (pdf)
    - Rear Window shots (pdf)
    - Rear Window questions (pdf)
    - Rear Window cours (pdf)

  • Alfred Hitchcock on Dead Bodies
    "If I did a story or a musical about Cinderella, they would be waiting for the body to turn up"
    - Alfred Hitchcock in 1957
    Interview by Colin Edwards from the
    "The master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, sat down for a short interview on the set of a film tentatively titled, From Amongst The Dead. The film would be released in early 1958 as Vertigo, the classic starring jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak. In this interview, we go inside the mind of a master storyteller with a penchant for fear."


  • 'THE 39 STEPS':
    Dans le cadre d'un travail préparatoire à une sortie au théâtre pour voir l'adaptation des "39 marches", je vais travailler avec mes élèves sur :
    - une biographie de Hitchcock
    - une interview du producteur et  de l'adaptateur de la pièce

    Je vous joins les grilles de lecture de ces deux mini films.
    - Mini Bio Worksheet (pdf)
    - The 39 Steps - Interviews with the producer (pdf)
    Created by Elisabeth Pellegrino (Ac. Nice)


  • The Hitchcock Gallery
    "This short video-essay examines various themes and techniques Alfred Hitchcock developed throughout his career.
    Using 40 titles, it includes every feature film Hitchcock made from STEPS1934 right through to his retirement in 1976.
    Of the several themes on display here (falling, ascending and descending staircases, opening curtains, reading newspapers, poisoning drinks, women's hairstyles, shoes, train compartments, sleeping and dreaming, pulling away from and dollying in on the action,
    overhead shots and characters looking directly into the camera), there are yet others for fellow essayists to examine further..."







  • The Birds (1963), directed by Alfred Hitchcock (



  • Hitchcock - Who's afraid of the big bad ghosts? - a pedagogical sequence (activitice)


'North by Northwest'