(Updated on 17/05/2014)



  • Film Story "is an interactive site where you can search for theatrical films by geographical location, history or science subject, historical era, and film type."
    (Larry Ferlazzo)

  • How do you make children's films appeal to adults?
    "You might be forgiven for thinking children's films are for children and adults have their own films.
    But 2009 - with the likes of Up and Where the Wild Things Are - has seen the triumph of the trend towards making children's films that speak to grown-ups too."




  • La Bibliothèque du film "met à disposition du public ouvrages, revues, archives professionnelles, vidéos mais aussi photographies, affiches et dessins.Ce vaste fonds documentaire est présenté et détaillé sur le catalogue"



'Where The Wild Things Are'