Thanksgiving: CONTENTS


(Updated on 25/10/2016)



  • 'Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen,' by O. Henry - Text + Audio + Video + Quiz
    "Every country has traditions and holidays. Older countries may have more traditions. But younger nations love their traditions just as much.
    Read about two men who truly love one American holiday in this classic American short story, 'Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen,' by O. Henry."



  • THE THANKSGIVING STORY - Read, watch and listen!
    - with activities to print


  • A Video Game Thanksgiving (
    "In this version of the Thanksgiving story, Mario fled a famine to try raising power-ups in the New World.
    He had a hard time until he and his people made friends with the natives, which, of course, eventually leads to a feast."




Mayflower & Speedwell in Dartmouth Harbor by Wilcox