Thanksgiving: CONTENTS


(Updated on 25/10/2016)




  • Horrible Histories - Pilgrim Rap
    "The Pilgrims tell you the trouble of their existence in early America."

    + LYRICS:
    "We're the pilgrim fathers
    You may have heard rather
    A lot 'bout our notions
    Crossing the ocean
    On the good ship Mayflower
    But it's true our journey
    Turned into quite a commotion..."






  • Nicole Westbrook – It’s Thanksgiving (YouTube) + LYRICS :
    "December was Christmas. January was New Year.
    April was Easter. And the 4th of July, but now it’s Thanksgiving.
    Oh oh oh it’s Thanksgiving. We we we are gonna have a good time...
    With a turkey, eh mash potatoes eh..."




  • Dinner Songs For Thanksgiving - NO AUDIO
    Example : A Thanksgiving Dinner by Maude Grant - a poem and a song
    "Take a turkey, stuff it fat,
    Some of this and some of that.
    Get some turnips, peel them well.
    Cook a big squash in its shell..."




  • Johnny Cash - Thanksgiving Prayer - a song (YouTube)
    - with the LYRICS :
    "We've come to the time in the season
    When family and friends gather near
    To offer a prayer of Thanksgiving
    For blessings we've known through the year
    To join hands and thank the creator..."


  • Dolly Parton Thanksgiving - a song (YouTube)



  • The Turkey Blues
    "Listen to the song and then do the activity."
    Activity created by Renée Maufroid
    (Ac. Lille)


  • No More Kings - a song you can listen to. (about the Pilgrims)