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(Updated on 17/01/2017)


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  • It's Pancake Day 2016! The best recipes and everything else you need to know - 9 February 2016
    "Pancake Day has been celebrated by Britons for centuries.  Known also as Shrove Tuesday, its exact date, rather confusingly, changes every year,
    because it is determined by when Easter falls. But it is always the day preceding Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent),
    and always falls in February or March. This year, you'll need to get your pans ready for Tuesday, February 9th."











  • Parliamentary pancake race
    "The House of Lords team have won the annual Rehab Parliamentary Pancake Race against their rivals from the Commons.
    The race, which is contested outside the Houses of Parliament, is held every Shrove Tuesday and sees Lords and MPs from all major parties flipping pancakes around Victoria Gardens, Westminster.
    The contest is held to raise awareness for the charity Rehab, which supports people with disabilities, others with brain and spinal injuries and mental health difficulties."