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(Updated on 31/01/2014)


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Charities (vocabulary and activities)



Information :

  • Red Nose Charity Celeb Supporters Include Kim Kardashian, Reese Witherspoon - 21 May 2015
    "Dozens of Hollywood are supporting Red Nose Day - a three-hour televised event held at the New York City venue
    raising awareness and funds for several nonprofits, including Feeding America, Save the Children and the United Way..."


  • Red Nose Day - 25 years in 25 pictures - 5 February 2013

  • About Red Nose Day - with a VIDEO : Watch 'A Short History of Red Nose Day'

  • Comic Relief From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia :
    "The Comic Relief charity organization was founded in the United Kingdom in 1985 in response to famine in Ethiopia. It now raises money for Africa and disadvantaged people in the United Kingdom..."
    Contents :
    1 Red Nose Day
    2 Comic Relief charity singles
    3 Types of nose and amounts raised by Comic Relief
    4 Criticism
    5 Comic Relief in United States
    6 External links

  • Comic Relief (CBBC)
    What is Comic Relief?
    Red Nose Day
    How did it start?
    Where does the cash go?
    How can I get involved?...


Listening :

  • Red Nose day (A2)
    "Christine tells us about Comic Relief and how English schools celebrate it."


  • Examples of silly things people do on Red Nose Day by Jenny (an English woman living in France)
    "Jenny talks about what she used to do when she was at school and also about what famous people do to raise money for charities in England."

  • What is Red Nose Day ? by Jenny (an English woman living in France)
    "Jenny explains what Red Nose Day is in England and what kind of silly things people usually do on this day to raise money for charities."



Lesson plans :

  • Red Nose Day - a lesson plan
    Theme: Charities, fund raising and Red Nose Day frivolities.
    Lexical area: Music, adjectives for describing opinions

    (British Council)

Webquests :


Videos :

  • Misery Bear's Comic Relief Starring Kate Moss
    "Misery Bear hopes that trying to help Comic Relief might give his life some meaning.
    He's got himself a spacehopper and is going to do a sponsored 24-hour bounce.
    If only there was a beautiful supermodel like Kate Moss who might sponsor him..."

    "BBC Comedy regular Misery Bear tries to cheer himself up by participating in Red Nose Day, an annual event to benefit Comic Relief.
    Along the way, he meets Kate Moss and we see Misery live up to his name."



  • About Red Nose Day - with a VIDEO : Watch 'A Short History of Red Nose Day'