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May 29th


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(Updated on 10/05/2016)


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  • Oak Apple Day or Royal Oak Day[1] "was a formal public holiday celebrated in England on 29 May to commemorate the restoration of the English monarchy, in May 1660.
    In some parts of the country the day is still celebrated and has also been known as Shick Shack Day, Oak and Nettle Day[2] or Arbor Tree Day...
    In 1660, Parliament declared 29 May a public holiday..."


  • Oak Apple Day (May 29th)


  • Oak Apple Day - 29th May
    "Early in the morning of 29th May, residents are woken by an excited crowd making its way to forest, where an oak bough is removed, decorated
    and then hanged from the tower of St Giles' Church..."


  • Oak Apple Day
    "Many people used to wear oak-apple leaves in their lapels or hats and decorate their front doors on Oak Apple Day."

  • Oak Apple Day - Royal Oak Day, 29th May
    "The wearing of a sprig of oak commemorates Charles II's triumphant re-entry into London at the Restoration, and his hiding from the roundheads in the Boscobel Oak..."
    - Oak Apple Day at Guildhall, Worcester
    - Castleton Garland Day, Derbyshire.
    - Grovely Rights Day, Great Wishford, Wilts
    - Well Dressing in Derbyshire & neighbouring counties



  • Oak Apple Day (Wikipedia)

  • The Oak Apple Figure
    "This unusual statue was once the centrepiece for a drunken celebration at Tong Fold in Bolton. The occasion was Oak Apple Day, once a national commemoration of the Restoration of King Charles II..."


  • Fancy Dress (
    "Celebrating Oak Apple Day on the Friday evening - Fancy dress theme of Cavaliers and Wenches...
    "In some parts of the country, the day was also known as Shick-Shack Day or Arbour Day.
    In 1660, Parliament declared 29th May a public holiday:

    "Parliament had ordered the 29 of May, the King's birthday,
    to be for ever kept as a day of thanksgiving
    for our redemption from tyranny
    and the King's return to his Government,
    he entering London that day."




  • Castleton Garland King
    "Castleton Garland is a flower-covered framework covering the Garland King, who leads a procession on horseback around the village accompanied by his Queen..."




  • Woak Apple Day, by Edward Slow - 8'57
    "Edward Slow (1841-1925) wrote many rhymes and tales in the old Wiltshire dialect, mostly funny anecdotes of the working folk of rural Wilton and surrounds. He also recorded many of the local events.
    This piece records the happenings of Oak-Apple-Day at the village of Great Wishford, where since a charter of 1603 - though it was a medieval custom - the villagers have the right to collect snap and fallen wood from the great Grovely Woods above the village."




"In 1660, the English Parliament established the twenty-ninth day of May,
both the birthday of King Charles II and the day upon which he entered London after his exile,
as a public holiday in commemoration of the Restoration of the Monarchy."