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(Updated on 10/12/2016)





Lesson plans :

  • 2018 to be a great year (2nd January, 2018) a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "The year 2018 is just days old, but already there are indications it will be a great 12 months."

    Try the same news story at these easier levels: 2018 - Level 4  or  2018 - Level 5
    Make sure you try all of the online activities for this reading and listening - There are dictations, multiple choice, drag and drop activities, crosswords, hangman, flash cards, matching activities and a whole lot more. Please enjoy :-)

  • E.L.L. Practice + Prompt | New Year Mission Statements  by 
    "Students need to identify the definitions of key words (and the clues they use to determine the correct answers) and write about their own one word “mission statements” for the new year."

  • New Year's Resolutions - a lesson plan
    "These English language activities are designed to explore ideas and practicalities connected with New Year Resolutions, including writing your own resolutions."

  • New Year's Resolutions with Bob Dylan - a lesson plan
    You are going to discuss new year's resolutions, listen to some popular new year's resolutions and do a gap-fill, listen to a radio clip about the history of new year's resolutions and do a comprehension quiz.

  • Bad habits - a lesson plan - with AUDIO (
  • New Year's resolutions - a lesson plan (
    Theme: New Year traditions and New Year resolutions. Reviewing the year, talking about past events, talking about intentions.
    Lexical area: spare time activities, ways of celebrating.
    Cross curricular links: Personal and social education.

    Instructions for language assistants are in italics

  • Bridget Jones’s New Year’s Resolutions: Lesson Plan - with a VIDEO
  • New Year's Resolutions
    "In this lesson plan, the students will have to write an essay, respecting different stages.
    The students will learn how to express future intentions, and they will learn link words and how to use them in an essay."



Webquests :

  • New Year Webquest - UPDATED
    "This New Year webquest by Gabrielle Jones includes activities designed to inform students about the history of New Year celebrations and the traditions which are practised today in a variety of cultures."