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(Updated on 01/05/2016)


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Cliparts :

  • May Day clipart

  • May Day clipart

Facts :


  • May Day - May 1st
    The History of May Day
    May Day Customs and Superstitions :

    The Maypole
    Morris Dancing
    Jack in the Green ( The Cylenchar - The Hidden One)

    Beating the Bounds
    Hobby Horses

    Other Superstitions - ex : "A widespread superstition held that washing the face in the May Day morning dew would beautify the skin."
    May Day Today
    Magdalen College Choir


  • May Day in England
    May Day Bank Holiday
    How was May Day Celebrated?
    May Day Celebrations today
    Maypole Dancing
    Morris Dancing
    Well Dressing...


    Morris dancing "on May Day
    in Oxford, England, in 2004."


  • Bank Holiday Bikers in Hastings(
    "May Day Bank Holiday is traditionally a time when thousands of bikers from all over the country converge on the small Sussex seaside town of Hastings..."


  • Meet Thomas Morton of Merrymount 
    " Extensive visual, textual and musical studies of American May Day customs since the first Maypole Revels were held at the Ma-Re Mount or Merrymount plantation on Massachusetts Bay in May 1627, hosted by Englishman Thomas Morton; and, last year the state of Massachusetts' Governor Deval Patrick proclaimed May 1 as Thomas Morton Day."


  • MAY DAY - What happened to the radical workers' holiday? (


May Day, Central Park by Maurice Prendergast (1901)