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(Updated on 18/09/2016)




  • "For Halloween we have a game, a story, a song and much more!
    Just click on Halloween in the topic box on our home page to see lots of fun activities.
    You can find ideas on how to use our Halloween activities in this article."

  • "Sister Mary Dracula"

    Gerry Mooney is the creator of the Flash animation "Sister Mary Dracula".
    He says : "  I've created a graphic novel about the same characters and as a special treat the whole story is posted online just for the Halloween season.
    It's 103 pages and expands the story that I began in the animation."

    Read the story. (Click on the right hand)
    Watch the Flash animation.

    See the sketchbook.



  • History of the Jack O Lantern  (

  • Origins of Jack O'Lantern (