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  • Many Americans Wearing Trump or Clinton Masks on Halloween - Text + Audio + Pictures - 30 October 2016
    "People celebrate Halloween in costume. This year, many will be wearing masks to make themselves look like either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.
    And most people will eat a lot of candy. A candy industry group says Americans will spend $2.7 billion on candy for Halloween."

  • Pumpkins Are Huge As Halloween Approaches - Text + Audio + Pictures - 12 October 2016
    "October means it is pumpkin season in the U.S. The fall brings cooler weather, less daylight and the pumpkin harvest.
    Some farmers are bringing large pumpkins to be weighed, while creative people are showing off their best pumpkin carvings."


    One Twitter user from Britain recently posted a photo of a pumpkin
    designed to look like U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump.

  • Slow and Gassy Balloon is Social Media Fave - Text + Audio - 30 October 2015
    "A military blimp escaped its home on Wednesday, Ariana Grande released a new video and everyone got excited for Halloween."

  • American Halloween Goes to the Dogs - Text + Audio - 30 October 2015
    "Halloween in America is a big deal! So big that many Americans now dress up their pets for the holiday.
    Some have parades and contests to vote Best Dressed."


  • Halloween Is Big with Kids and Business - AUDIO + SCRIPT - 31 October 2014
    "The National Retail Federation says sales of Halloween goods will total about $7.4 billion this year.
    It says the average American will spend about $77. The group expects 162 million people to celebrate.
    The NRF predicts 54 million of them will hold Halloween parties."



  • A Halloween Special: The Devil is Everywhere - AUDIO + SCRIPT - 31 October 2014
    "Today we take you to the Dark Side. (insert evil laugh here) We teach expressions that involve the king of evil – the devil.
    Read on to learn how to “speak of the devil”, “to play devil’s advocate” and to ”make a deal with the devil.”






  • Halloween Tale, "an interactive Flash story, allows children to participate in the story experience.
    Children strengthen their listening comprehension skills and learn to follow simple auditory instructions."


'The Addams Family'