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(Updated on 18/09/2016)





  • Describe a monster - a worksheet + Answers (.odt)
    Created by Charlyne Guyon (Ac. Nantes)
    "Des documents très faciles pour 6ème, sur une thématique légèrement Halloween.
    C'est pour introduire la description physique et 'have got'."

    See Describing monsters




  • Where are the ghosts ?
    "In the kitchen, on the stove. This information gap covers prepositions, furniture and rooms in a house."
    (Haunted House Gap A + Haunted House Gap B)


  • Halloween "Fill-in-the-Blanks" Exercise
    "This activity is NOT interactive but the answers are at the bottom of this page...
    Word bank for the matching sentences... (alphabetically):
    cackle, cauldron, cemetery, coven, crypt, curse, lycanthrope, macabre, miasma, petrify, phantasm, superstition."

  • Select the definition that most nearly defines the given word.
    Match each definition with a word.

  • Kinds of monsters - "Students use the relative clause "is a monster that" to define Halloween monsters."


  • A Quiz on Halloween Words: Grades 2-3
    "A word scavenger hunt for students in Grades 2-3, using the Little Explorers Picture Dictionary."
  • Halloween Analogies - exercise
    ex : "Driver is to car as witch is to _______________. ( hat / scare / broom / spell )"