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May 9th

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European Union




Facts :

  • How the Europeans see themselves - Looking through the mirror with public opinion surveys (pdf)
    This brochure "provides readers with a picture of how Europeans see themselves by looking at a variety of subjects: citizens' values and life satisfaction at the end of the 20th century, European citizenship, public opinion towards the European Union, public support for the policies of the European Union, public opinion towards a number of issues that EU citizens worry about, people's expectations of the 21st century, etc."

Vocabulary :


INTERACTIVE exercises :




Webquests :

  • The European Union
    The scenario :
    "Next May 9th, 2005 (Europe Day), the European Parliament wants to invite a group of 30 students (aged 16-18) from one of the 15 old member states to a two-week visit to one of the new 10 member states.
    To be a candidate for this trip the group must accept certain conditions:
    - it must be a class-group, that means all students should be in the same basic classroom this course 2004-2005.
    - You have to do tasks 1 and 2.
    - You have to decide which country you want to visit and explain why"


Posters :