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(Updated on 24/12/2016)



History and Traditions :

  • Stores imbrace Hispanic tradition of 3 Kings Day
    "Known as the Epiphany, the day is as important as Christmas in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain and many Latin American countries.
    Children put their shoes out the night before or leave grass for the wise men's camels. They wake the next day to unwrap presents.
    For retailers, that means two more weeks of shopping."


  • Twelfth Night at Bankside
    "This yearly tradition will mix ancient customs with modern festivities and offer loads of entertainment to try to beat
    the post-Christmas blues."
    The Green Man - The Bankside Mummers - King Bean and Queen Pea - A royal parade


  • Twelfth Night Gallery
    The Green Man arrives - Wassailing the Globe - Music and dancing on Bankside - The Mummers' Play -
    The crowning of King Bean and Queen Pea - The Procession


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INTERACTIVE activities :

  • Quiz - The Feast of the Epiphany - Christianity
    "The visitation of the Wise Men (Magi) to Bethlehem gave rise to a Christian feast day from which numerous traditions arose.
    This quiz tests your knowledge of both the biblical event and the art, music, food and elaborations which followed."


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