(Updated on 20/02/2016)





  • EASTER - "An Easter lesson for teens which focuses on a range of language skills.
    It is aimed at lower levels but the activities could be easily adapted to suit higher levels.
    Students will review vocabulary related to Easter, practise using prepositions of place in a classroom Easter egg hunt, read a text about Easter traditions in the UK and look at a typical British Easter menu."



  • Easter - a lesson plan
    "This lesson is about Easter in the UK.
    Task 1 starts with introducing the theme using pictures,
    Task 2 offers some simple true or false statements about Easter
    and Task 3 explains how to have an Easter egg hunt in your classroom.
    Task 4 is a reading task about how Easter is celebrated nowadays in the UK
    and Task 5 asks students to plan a menu for an Easter lunch.
    Task 6 asks students to write a simple Easter poem."





  • No More Easter - Language arts webquest created for grades 1-4 ...
    "will tell you about where the Easter bunny came from, the kinds of bunnies, the meaning of Easter, and why he uses eggs ...
    You will find puzzles, music, songs, and fun Easter recipes."



  • Easter Scavenger Hunt - (lessonplans.btskinner)
    "Visit the links ... to find out about the history of the Easter holiday."