(Updated on 22/11/2016)



  • VOA Learning English Presents 'A Visit From St. Nicholas' - Text + Audio + Pictures + Video - 23 December 2017
    "Many people believe that a poem written in 1822 is now one of the best-loved poems in America about the Christmas holiday. We take a brief look at the history of this poem and listen as the staff of VOA Learning English recite the poem."



  • Mother Christmas by Roald Dahl
    "Where art thou, Mother Christmas?
    I only wish I knew
    Why Father should get all the praise
    And no one mentions you..."



  • Bob Welsh - My Christmas Eve - a poem (YouTube)
    "Bob Welsh spent 29 years as an Ohio State Trooper, and now is a professional storyteller. He has a spoken word poem about working on Christmas Eve."



  • Christmas by John Betjeman
    "The bells of waiting Advent ring,
    The Tortoise stove is lit again
    And lamp-oil light across the night
    Has caught the streaks of winter rain"

  • Christmas Poetry and Hymn Collection
    "This collection includes 40 different Christmas carols collected and read by Douglas D. Anderson, the creator of The Hymns and Carols... "
  • "Santa's Accident" - a short poem

  • Talking Turkeys!! by Benjamin Zephaniah - with a VIDEO (BBC)
    or Benjamin Zephaniah - Talking Turkeys - a poem

    - avec des Fiches d'activités pédagogiques
    Culturel : découverte de la poésie anglophone des Antilles (Guyane, Jamaïque)
    - compétences : atelier d'écriture
    - lexique : la nature, le départ, les activités physiques
    - grammaire : rebrassage du gérondif (V -ing), du prétérit et de l auxiliaire modal can