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(Updated on 29/03/2016)


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History :

  • Saint George
    "The life of Saint George, including the legend of his fight with a dragon and why this Roman soldier from Turkey became the patron saint of England."



  • St George's Day
    When is St George's Day?
    Who was St George?
    Who was the real St George and what did he do to become England's patron saint?
    Dragon-Slaying Patron Saint of England
    St George, Patron Saint of Scouting
    How does England celebrate St George's Day?
    Special parades and celebrations of St George's Day are gradually becoming more frequent in England, but is it politically correct to celebrate England's National Day?
    Mummers Plays


  • The Legend of Saint George and the Dragon (

  • "Find out about the history of St George, the patron saint of England" (BBC)

  • St George's Day
    "Cry God for Harry, England and Saint George!"
    William Shakespeare (Henry V)



INTERACTIVE activities :

  • St George's Day - a quiz (funtrivia)

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Paintings :

  • Saint George and the Dragon (about 1470) by UCCELLO, Paolo
    "This picture shows two episodes from the story of Saint George:
    his defeat of a plague-bearing dragon that had been terrorising a city; and the rescued princess bringing the dragon to heel
    (with her belt as a leash)."



Stories :



  • George and the dragon - Video + Words to story
    + Play a game: Find the words from the story in the wordsearch.