(Created on 12/03/2019)



  • On the fury road: the Mad Max-inspired desert festival – in pictures
    " photographs Wasteland Weekend, where 4,000 enthusiasts recreate the world of Mad Max...
    Every year since 2011, thousands of fans of George Miller’s cult film Mad Max gather on the edge of the Mojave desert in southern California for the best part of a week immersed in the dusty dystopia depicted in the film. This is Wasteland Weekend, the world’s biggest post-apocalyptic festival.
    “Going to wasteland is leaving your real life behind, no worries about traffic rush hour, paying your bills …
    People get to escape reality for a time, and that’s when the best in true human nature emerges ... Brotherhood and peace with your fellow man.”


    Customised dune buggies outside the War Spawn tribe camp