(Updated on 19/02/2016)




  • Sleeping Betty
    "In this animated short, Sleeping Betty is stuck in bed, victim to a strange bout of narcolepsy.
    The King calls on his subjects to rescue her and they all respond to the call: Uncle Henry VIII, Aunt Victoria, an oddly emotional alien, a funky witch and a handsome prince. But will a kiss really be enough to wake the sleeping princess?
    The film, drawn in ink, is a classic example of the anachronistic and playful world of Claude Cloutier."




  • How The Animal Kingdom Sleeps
    " Sleep is universal in the animal kingdom, but each species slumbers in a different — and often mysterious — way.
    Some animals snooze with half their brain, while others only sleep for two hours a day (without even suffering sleep deprivation!).
    Ed Yong guides us through the latest research on how creatures catch their z’s."





  • Are Electronic Devices Are Ruining Our Sleep? | NBC Nightly News
    "With a device on nearly every nightstand, one in three Americans sleeps less than six hours a day, raising the risk for a myriad of health problems."






  • Cat Man Do - "A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to wake its sleeping owner."


  • How long can you go without sleep?
    "There is no doubt that shut-eye is essential for humans. But how much do you need, what is it for and what happens if you don’t get enough?
    James May delves into the mysteries that still surround a good night’s sleep."