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(Updated on 29/03/2016)


  • Elderly man removes leech from nose
    "A 73-year-old man who suffered nasal congestion and nosebleeds for more than five years is recovering after doctors removed a 10 cm long leech from his nose in Gaozhou, Guangdong province...
    The leech possibly went into his nose five years ago after he drank water from a mountain stream while collecting herbs. "




  • Jacob and Rebecca Get Married
  • A Day in the Life of a Poison Center with 282 cases for a single day
    Examples :
    - "An adult male called concerned about his friend who drank a very large amount of alcohol over the course of the previous evening after losing his job. His friend had vomited numerous times and had very garbled speech but was awake.
    - A 20 year old college student drank 2 Red Bulls® and took 6-7 Ritalin® tablets that belonged to a friend to help her stay awake and concentrate to study for a big exam. She stated she was having palpitations, vomiting and tremors..."



  • Inside Stories
    "is a collection of interactive stories that focus on the intersection of human health and the environment.
    These stories are based on real-life problems that involve the effect of our environment on our health.
    Throughout the story, students will encounter information that explores the science behind the key health questions in the story. Students must analyze this information and then use it to answer the open-ended question that completes each story.



'Doctor House'