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  • SUGAR :

    • Diabetes cases soar by 60% in past decade - Article + Videos - 17 August 2015
      "he number of people living with diabetes has soared by nearly 60% in the past decade, Diabetes UK warns...
      The inability to control the level of sugar in the blood can lead to blindness and amputations and is a massive drain on NHS resources...
      Roughly 90% of cases are type 2 diabetes, which is the form closely linked to diet and obesity."


    • Scientific experts: Sugar intake 'should be halved' - Article + Video - 17 July 2015
      "Nutrition experts say no more than 5% of daily calories should come from added sugar - about seven teaspoons.
      Most people consume at least twice this limit."

    • How much sugar is bad for you ? - VIDEO - 17 July 2015





    • Top 10 Strangest Mental Disorders — TopTenzNet
      "Throughout history, mental disorders have been regarded with fear, bias, and ignorance. Though medicine has drastically improved for the mentally ill in the last century, mainstream society still has a relatively uninformed and biased view against individuals with mental disorders.
      This is particularly harmful because every year up to ¼ of Americans fit the criteria for being mentally ill."

      + Text version
      10. Type One Bipolar Disorder
      9. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
      8. Factitious Disorder
      7. Schizoaffective Disorder
      6. Depersonalization Disorder
      5. Trichotillomania
      4. Specific Phobia
      3. Antisocial Personality Disorder
      2. Dissociative Identity Disorder
      1. Schizophrenia


    • Mental disorders of cartoon characters






    • Watching TV 'harms back muscles'
      "Slumping in front of the television or a computer for hours at a time may damage important back muscles, according to scientists."


  • DIRT :


    • Microbes and trolleys at the supermarket
      "In 2004 shopping carts were identified as a source of germs and became a major public health concern. This was primarily because of the media spotlight on a Japanese research study[17] indicating a large amount of bacteria was found on shopping carts.[18] This was confirmed in 2007 when the University of Arizona released a study called, "Research Report on Shopping Cart Bacterial Contamination - Dr. Charles P. Gerba".[19] Now sanitary wipes, for cleaning hands and shopping carts, are seen near the entrances of most retailers."

    • Microbe Zoo(
      DirtLand | Animal Pavilion | Snack Bar | Space Adventure | WaterWorld
      "Discover the many worlds of hidden microbes"