(Updated on 23/03/2016)


  • Electronic tattoo
    "This photo provided by the journal Science shows a thin, flexible piece of electronics stuck onto the skin.
    One day monitoring a patient's vital signs like temperature and heart rate could be as simple as sticking on a tiny, wireless patch, sort of like the temporary tattoos popular with the younger set."


  • Stick-On Electronic Tattoos
    "A flexible electronic device stuck on the skin could provide irritation-free monitoring of heart, brain, and muscle activity."

  • An Electronic Second Skin
    It will "allow monitoring to be simpler, more reliable, and uninterrupted.
    These devices were made through “transfer printing” fabrication processes that create flexible versions of high-performance semiconductors that are brittle as bulk materials."


  • Des scientifiques mettent au point un tatouage capable de veiller sur votre santé
    "Une équipe internationale de chercheurs a dévoilé jeudi un timbre épidermique plus fin qu'un cheveux, adhérant sans colle à la peau et capable de mesurer le rythme cardiaque ou encore l'activité cérébrale et musculaire grâce à des capteurs électroniques..."