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  • Ruby Charlotte Margaret Hunter (31 October 1955 – 17 February 2010) was an Australian singer, songwriter and guitarist. She was a member of the Ngarrindjeri Aboriginal nationality, and often performed with her partner, Archie Roach AM, whom she met at the age of 16, while both were homeless teenagers.[1] Born on the banks of the Murray River in South Australia, Hunter was forcibly taken from her family at the age of eight as part of the Stolen Generation.[2]
    "Ruby became the first Aboriginal woman to release a solo album in 1994 with her debut ‘Thoughts Within’.
    Her second album ‘Feeling Good’ was released in 2000 and garnered Ruby Best Female Performer of the Year at the Deadly Awards...
    Ruby has played alongside Joan Armatrading, Tracy Chapman, and Bob Dylan..."

    From ‘Down City Streets’:
    "Crawled out of bushes early morn
    Used newspapers to keep me warm
    Then I'd have to score a drink
    Calm my nerves, help me to think
    Down city streets I would roam
    I had no bed, I had no home
    And there was nothing that I owned
    Used my fingers as a comb
    In those days when I was young
    Drinking and fighting was no fun
    It was daily living for me
    I had no choice 
    It was meant to be"

  • Archie Roach 'Took the children away' with lyrics (beautiful protest song).
    "Archie Roach is an icon of the Australian music industry and his honest storytelling tells the sad truth of indigenous Australia.
    He wrote the landmark song 'Took the Children Away' in 1990, about his own childhood and being taken by authorities from his parents to a mission.
    "You took the children away, Breaking their mothers heart, Tearing us all apart" the lyrics ring..."

    + A worksheet created by Mauricette Casabonne-Angla (Ac. Bordeaux) - Niveau 3ème

  • A WORKSHEET to go with the video : Deadly Animals (Come to Australia)
    Sent by Virginie Henriet
    (Ac. Grenoble)

    Deadly Animals (Come to Australia) by "The Scared Weird Little Guys" (YouTube) + LYRICS ( :

    "Redback, Funnel-Web, Blue-ringed octopus
    Taipan, Tigersnake and a Box jellyfish
    Stonefish and the poison thing that lives in a shell
    That spikes you when you pick it up

    Come to Australia 
    You might accidentally get killed..."


  • Six White Boomers - Australian Christmas Carol sung by Rolf Harris (YouTube) + LYRICS :
    "Early on one Christmas Day, a Joey Kanga-roo
    Was far from home and lost in a great big zoo
    Mummy, where's my mummy, they've taken her a-way
    We'll help you find your mummy son, hop on the sleigh..."




  • Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport sung by Rolf Harris (YouTube) + Lyrics :
    "Tan me hide when I'm dead, Fred
    Tan me hide when I'm dead
    So we tanned his hide when he died, Clyde
    And that's it hangin' on the shed"




  • Court of King Caractacus - Rolf Harris - Karaoke (YouTube) + Lyrics :
    "Now the fascinating witches who put the scintilating stiches in the britches of the boys who put the powder on the noses on the faces of the ladies of the harem of the court of King Catactacus, were just passing by..."

    Rolf Harris - "an Australian musician, singer, composer, painter, and television host."


  • Two Little Boys sung by Rolf Harris - with an animation (YouTube) + Lyrics :
    "Two little boys had two little toys
    Each had a wooden horse
    Gayly they played each summer's day
    Warriors both of course
    One little chap then had a mishap
    Broke off his horse's head..."



  • Australian songs - some with videos
    - Waltzing Matilda + Video
    (Vocabulary explained)
    - Botany Bay + Video

    - Click go the Shears + Video
    - Give Me a Home Among the Gum Trees + Video
    - I Am Australian + Video
    - I Still Call Australia Home + Video
    - Tie Me Kangaroo Down + Video
    - With My Swag Upon My Shoulder
    - My Country