(Updated on 21/03/2014)



  • The art of the court trial - VIDEO - 9 April 2016
    "Almost 100 court sketches have been donated to the Library of Congress in Washington where they will eventually form part of an exhibition.
    Artists have captured iconic moments ranging from Michael Jackson's acquittal to the moment murderer Charles Manson lunged for his judge."

  • Underground Station in Capital to Become Arts Center - Text + Audio + Video - 3 August 2015
    "An underground streetcar station in Washington, D.C's historic Dupont Circle district was closed 50 years ago.
    Now it is getting a new life.
    A plan calls for turning the spacious underground platforms into a space for art shows, talks, concerts and even a film set."



  • San Francisco Artists Make Art from Trash - Text + Audio + Video - 17 April 2015
    "One City's Trash Is Artistic Treasure for A local recycling company in San Francisco called Recology.
    The company created a program to give artists the opportunity to re-use unwanted objects.
    It shows how a little imagination can change one person’s trash into another’s art work."

  • New York's 'Underground Museum' Pleases Passersby - Article + Audio + Video - 28 January 2015
    "For the past thirty years, artists have been asked to create works of art for New York’s huge subway and train system.
    The works often relate to city life or to the neighborhood of a station.
    Some people call it New York’s “underground art museum," with over 250 pieces of original artwork."





  • Dripped - An animated Homage to Jackson Pollock




  • Grandma Moses
    "Watch the presentation, you can see it full screen if you wish. Then play the game." 

    Created by Renée Maufroid (Ac. Lille)


  • Still Life - Shaun the Sheep
    "A children's series from Aardman Animations and a former character in Wallace and Gromit."


  • Women in art
    500 years of female portraits in Western art condensed in a three minute morphing video.



  • George Bush Art by Phil Hansen - with a video
    "This picture of President George W. Bush was made with the names of Coalition soldiers that died in the Iraq war."

  • Every Painting in the MoMA in 2 minutes (YouTube)


The Quilting Bee - Grandma Moses