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Murals in schools and universities

(Updated on 20/03/2014)







  • David Zinn
    "Freelance illustrator and street artist, specializing in small-scale, improvised and (mostly) light-hearted chalk art."

    "Street artist David Zinn (previously at Neatorama) of Ann Arbor, Michigan, often decorates public spaces with temporary chalk and charcoal art,
    incorporating the landscape itself.
    Cracks in the sidewalk, plants, and architectural features become the inspiration for, and part of the art.
    Imagine happening upon any of these images while walking through town, and you just have to smile."


  • The Gambian village transformed by graffiti - 22 May 2018
    "In a bid to lure tourists, internationally-renowned graffiti artists were invited to create artworks in a village in The Gambia, writes the BBC's Clare Spencer."


  • Bogotá's world-renowned graffiti district – in pictures
    "The Colombian capital has been a mecca for street artists since graffiti was decriminalised in 2011.
    Businesses commission artists, celebrities leave their tag, and you can even join a tour of iconic works."


    "The subjects painted are almost always political. Women’s rights, Colombia’s violent past,
    the ‘war on drugs’ and climate change all figure prominently."

  • Street art in Medellín, Colombia – in pictures - 21 November 2017
    "Photographer Juancho Torres tours the streets of Comuna 13 in the once notorious city, capturing the graffiti and murals that adorn buildings and walls."

  • The street art flourishing in Bangkok - 25 August 2017
    "Once rejected, street art is now appearing throughout the city, communicating Thai humour, beauty and social issues to its people.
    Jason Lai takes a closer look."





  • Kentucky Rushmore
    1583 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, Kentucky 40205 USA
    "Kentucky Rushmore was a project to build a monument tentatively featuring the faces of Kentucky icons Abraham Lincoln, Colonel Sanders,
    Muhammad Ali and Secretariat located somewhere in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
    Kentucky Rushmore is currently a mural located on the side of the WHY Louisville store at 1583 Bardstown Rd painted by Margaret Morely."
    "This mural at 1583 Bardstown Road in Louisville, Kentucky, features four world-famous Kentuckians. Muhammad Ali, on the left, was born, died, and lived most of his life in Louisville. Abraham Lincoln was born in Hancock County, Kentucky, although Illinois claims him because he represented their 7th district in Congress. Colonel Harland Sanders was born in Indiana, but put Kentucky on the map with the fried chicken recipe he developed. Secretariat, at the far right, was foaled in Virginia, but the 1973 Triple Crown winner lived most of his life at Claiborne Farm in Paris, Kentucky. The mural was painted by artist Margaret Morely in 2013."







  • Seen in a film: "Exit Marrakech" (2013):






  • The Lennon Wall or John Lennon Wall, "is a wall in PragueCzech Republic.
    Once a normal wall, since the 1980s it has been filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti and pieces of lyrics from Beatles' songs.
    In 1988, the wall was a source of irritation for the communist regime of Gustáv Husák. Young Czechs would write grievances on the wall and in a report of the time this led to a clash between hundreds of students and security police on the nearby Charles Bridge...
    Today, the wall represents a symbol of global ideals such as love and peace...."




  • Female street artists take to Dubai's walls
    "Colourful murals are popping up across the city, but with strict laws governing street art
    it is often business that has created the platform for expression."



  • My Secret Life as a Graffiti Artist
    "A successful property surveyor was jailed this week after his secret life as a tagger was uncovered.
    But he wasn't unusual – lots of us are middle-aged family men with good jobs."








  • In pictures: Children's street art in Iraqi Kurdistan - 20 November 2014
    "Children displaced by conflict in Iraq are finding expression in eye-catching street art, as part of a project
    funded by the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (Echo), and the UN children's charity Unicef."







  • Butterfly Street Art Project - Swarm The World
    "Street art comes in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, but the most dynamic evolution of outlaw art
    is the introduction of dynamic mediums beyond paintings, posters or stencils..."




  • New Art from Hanksy - Photos + Video
    "The New York parody artist Hanksy has been busy, bringing us more great pun art in several locations.
    These works have shown up in New York City, Portland, Oregon, and Los Angeles."










  • Street Art View (
    "Red Bull presents a collaborative collection of places on Google Street View where street art is present. Anyone who come across street art on their way can tag it on the website and help build the biggest art collection in the world.
    You must check-out the website and the cool places that are tagged."





  • BEEVER Julian :

    • Julian Beever is known for his pavement drawings or “3D illusions.” (







    • The Murals of Northern Ireland
      "Murals have been painted in Northern Ireland for over 100 years.
      In this documentary, leading murals historian Bill Rolston explains how they adapt to a changing political climate and the changing attitudes of republican and loyalist communities.
      William Jackson, grandson of one of the first muralists, discusses the sense of identity that murals instill in communities.
      Others look at murals as a tool for conflict transformation.
      Jeanette Warke, manager of a youth centre in Derry~Londonderry, describes how they can have a positive impact on younger generations."



  • The Murals of Philadelphia - diaporama
    "A public art project which encourages local artists to create works utilizing the city's architecture has beautified the City of Brotherly Love and created an enduring cultural legacy.











  • "You are the Star" by Tom Suriya.
    1. First, click on the picture and watch the presentation. Famous Hollywood stars arel watching you from this mural... See if you can identify some of them.
    2. Now, click on "Start now" and take the listening quiz.

    Created by Renée Maufroid (Ac. Lille)


  • What were they doing?
    "Watch this mural carefully then play the 2 games."

    Created by Renée Maufroid (Ac. Lille)

    "In the 30s, The United States government, through the Works Progress Administration, commissioned artists across the country to paint murals on public buildings, such as post offices and libraries. This one can be seen in San Francisco" :









  • Street art - Séquence Pédagogique pour Classes de Première ou Terminale Baccalauréat Professionnel avec plan de séquence joint. (NB : Le PPT2 trop important n’a pu être joint.) - par  Ulrique Pratbernon
    (Ac. Limoges)




  • One nation under CCTV (higher level) - with audio
    "One nation under CCTV is a complete set of teaching resources designed around an interesting and unusual photograph with activities to activate your students' higher level critical thinking skills.
    This pack looks at the topics of art and street art. The focus is on developing students' ability to speculate about an image, listen for specific information and summary writing skills."

    +  One nation under CCTV (lower level)
  • Is graffiti art? Or vandalism? - Kelly Wall
    "Spray-painted subway cars, tagged bridges, mural-covered walls – graffiti pops up boldly throughout our cities.
    And it turns out: it’s nothing new.
    Graffiti has been around for thousands of years. And across that span of time, it’s raised the same questions we debate now: Is it art?
    Is it vandalism?
    Kelly Wall describes the history of graffiti."

    View full lesson
  • Death threats over new Banksy painting (19th April, 2014) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "A new painting by the ' ' guerilla artist' ' Banksy is currently the focus of a heated argument in the city of Bristol, England.
    It could be worth up to $150,000."






  • Street art : a webquest for 10th grade Art - Designed by: Ms. Zeiku
    "This web-quest was centered around the concept of relating historical art to popular art of today. This web-quest may easily be extended to a junior high school grade level, so long as the questions, concepts and art vocabulary is simplified..."



  • Exploring the hidden world of street art by Danica Geniega
    "This web quest will widen their knowledge and understanding on what the society called as vandalism. This will help them to create new norms about the problem of society. They will also see the beauty of that new form of art." 
    Grade Level: 6-8 






  • Graffiti: Street art – or crime? - 16 July 2008
    "A group of south London graffiti artists were jailed last week for up to two years for defacing public property. Yet as they begin their sentences, their work is to be championed by a New York gallery."







  • Preserving Street Art in Washington, DC - Text + Audio + Pictures + Videos - 21 July 2017
    "Local D.C. street artists, and the city government, are helping promote street art through creating public murals."



  • Ebola survivor mural challenges 'no cure' belief - with a video - 2 February 2015
    "Over a year ago, when the largest ever epidemic of Ebola began in West Africa, the general belief was that there was "no cure" for the disease.
    But a unique mural in an Ebola treatment centre run by the medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) in the Liberian capital, Monrovia, shows that the truth is different.
    Mark Doyle visited the mural with MSF's manager of the treatment centre, Duncan Bell."






    "Four graffiti artists, a warehouse interior, and an unlimited amount of paint. The warehouse in Brisbane was scheduled to be demolished, so street artists SoflesFintan Magee, Treas, and Quench went nuts brightening it up.
    Filmmaker Selina Miles followed him every step, and created this killer time-lapse video of the project."


  • Street art in London (YouTube)

  • World graffiti artists take Dakar by storm - 20 April 2013
    "In Senegal's capital, Dakar, artists from around the world have gathered for Festigraff, a graffiti festival."


  • Murals changing the face of Washington DC - 21 April 2010
    "What do you get when you put together high energy teenagers, aerosol cans, and empty walls in blighted neighbourhoods?
    In Washington DC now, the answer is art - highly professional murals painted on some of the city's most rundown real estate."



  • Building Detroit - Revok, Nekst, Pose (YouTube)
    "Here's an indie documentary from MOCAtv called Building Detroit- Revok, Nekst, Pose that pays tribute to the artist known as NEKST, who started his artistic adventures in Houston and passed away in December 2012 of an overdose.
    NEKST made friends and influenced the underground art world in cities across the globe, and in a city full of abandoned buildings just begging to be brightened up with a splash of spray painted color called Detroit his friends REVOK and POSE are going to make sure that his legacy lives on."