(Updated on 21/03/2014)


  • Norah Jones - Painter Song (YouTube) + LYRICS below the video on YouTube :
    "If I were a painter 
    I would paint my reverie 
    If that's the only way for you to be with me..."



  • Matchstalk cats and dogs - Music video about the artist Lowry (YouTube) + LYRICS :
    "He painted Salford's smokey tops 
    On cardboard boxes from the shops 
    And parts of ancoats where I used to play.."



  • 70 million by Hold your horses
    "An entertaining and cheeky music video for 70 Million, hit song by Franco-American band, Hold Your Horses!, offers a wink at art history as band members playfully reconstruct famous paintings in an off the wall lyrical interpretation all their own."

    + Compare with some of the paintings (
    + The complete list of the famous paintings. (
    + the LYRICS
    "And you were white as snow; I was white as a sheet...
    And 70 million should be in the know
    And 70 million don't go out at all
    And 70 million wouldn't walk this street
    And 70 million would run to a hole
    And 70 million would be wrong wrong wrong
    And 70 million never see it at all
    And 70 million haven't tasted snow"


    Hold your horses - the expression
    "sometimes said as "Hold the horses", is a common idiom to mean "hold on" or wait...
    The saying is typically used when someone is rushing in to something.
    It is often combined with linked idioms such as, cool your jets, or look before you leap..."



  • Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) - sung by Don McLean :
    "Starry, starry night.
    Paint your palette blue and grey,
    Look out on a summer's day,
    With eyes that know the darkness in my soul.
    Shadows on the hills,
    Sketch the trees and the daffodils,
    Catch the breeze and the winter chills,
    In colors on the snowy linen land..."

    - with the VIDEO
    "A slideshow of Vincent Van Gogh's work set to the song "Vincent" by Don McLean."


  • Heavy On My Heart by Anastacia :
    "If I could paint a picture of this melody
    It would be a violin without its strings
    And the canvas in my mind
    Sings the songs I left behind
    Like pretty flowers and a sunset"