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(Updated on 15/09/2016)



  • 7 Curious Cases of Criminal Cats 
    "Animals who steal are referred to as kleptomaniacs, or in the case of cats, “cat burglars”, but they most likely just think of themselves as collectors - they find something they like and take it, with no consideration of the ethics involved..."



  • Copycat cat burglar brothers' Essex crime spree - 9 January 2014 
    "An Essex couple is hoping to reunite neighbours with stolen goods and put an end to their two cats' thieving ways...
    Their finds include shoes, slippers and gloves, and they almost got away with a cub scout uniform, but were spotted."



  • Mystery surrounds a feline felon
    "The owners of a cat with a passion for socks are leafleting their neighbours in the Loughborough area to see if they are missing any..
    He steals socks every day."