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Benjamin RABIER

(1864 - 1939)

(Updated on 14/09/2016)



  • Benjamin Rabier (1864, La Roche-sur-YonVendée – 1939, Faverolles, Indre ) "was a French illustrator, comic book artist and animator. He became famous for creating La vache qui rit and is one of the precursors of animal comics. His work has inspired many other artists, notably Hergé and Edmond-François Calvo.

    Rabier started to work as an illustrator for various newspapers after meeting Caran d'Ache. His first album for children was the story of Tintin Lutin, published in 1887, which told of a young lutin or "imp"; here his main characters are human and not animals, as they came to be in later albums. His most famous creations are Gideon the duck and the characters he drew for Le roman de Renart."

  • Benjamin Rabier - An animated documentary about "the creator of the Laughing Cow and pioneer of cartoon" 




  • Benjamin Rabier the man who made the animals laugh - a film by Marc Faye
    "Everybody knows the “Laughing Cow” but few people know the man who created the logo: Benjamin Rabier (1864-1939), a French artist who did drawings for comic book albums and animated cartoons and, in the process, virtually revolutionized the world of children’s illustration in the early 20th century. Rabier pioneered animated cartoons well before Walt Disney. He invented the character “Tintin Lutin” who inspired Hergé’s famous “Tintin,” and drew “Gédéon le Canard” (Gideon the duck) and, of course, “La Vache qui rit” (the laughing cow). He has gone down in history as "the man who made the animals laugh." This 53 minutes film examines the life of this extraordinary artist."