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  • Chimps Finding a Happy Ending - Text + Audio + Video - 16 October 2016
    "Chimpanzees are human beings’ closest relatives. Using chimps for medical research has ended in the United States.
    A chimp named Foxie once was used for experiments, but now spends her days playing other chimps and enjoying life.
    But there are more than 650 other chimps who need new homes."


  • Wildlife Convention Protects Animals Great and Small - Text + Audio + Photos + Video - 5 October 2016
    "Representatives from 183 countries attended the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species conference, known as CITES.
    The delegates discussed ways to save hundreds of animals from disappearing permanently."


  • US Military Dog Awarded Top Honor for Bravery - Text + Audio - 9 April 2016
    "An American military service dog received some well-deserved recognition from a British charity.
    Lucca, a 12-year-old German shepherd, is credited with saving thousands of soldiers during war-time patrols."


  • Students Learn Hands-on With Animals - Text + Audio + Video - 15 February 2016
    "High-school students at the Career Center in Arlington, Virginia are learning firsthand, and hands-on, how to care for animals.
    They are at the animal science laboratory, learning about, and taking care of, about 50 species of animals."

  • Trending Today: Puppy Bowl - Text + Audio - 3 February 2016
    "There are two big games on Sunday: the Super Bowl, and the Puppy Bowl.
    On Wednesday, Animal Planet announced the starting lineup for the 2016 Puppy Bowl. Fifty puppies will “play” in the game.
    They are from animal shelters, and are available for adoption. Each one is in need of a good home." 



  • Japanese Begins Controversial Whale Hunt - Text + Audio + Video - 2 December 2015
    "Japan is allowed to hunt whales for scientific research.
    Critics complain that while the Japanese say they are conducting research, they are really hunting whales to sell as meat.
    Both Australia and New Zealand are against the whaling project."

  • Cecil the Lion Could Help Protect Other Animals - Text + Audio - 2 October 2015
    "The head of the animal rights group Born Free USA says the killing of Cecil the lion put a face on issues conservation groups have been addressing for years. Current campaigns aim to stop trophy hunting and cruelty to elephants in Africa."

  • Amazing Animals Make the World Records Book - Text + Audio + Video - 20 September 2015
    "Guinness World Records tell us who is the best, fastest, biggest, most or smallest in the world.
    Recently, the publishers announced the new record holders for 2016. Meet the amazing animals who entered the records books this year.
    They include a tortoise, a dog, and a steer with huge horns."

  • Scientists Test Ways to Save Rhinos - Text + Audio + Video - 19 August 2015
    "The African rhino is a endangered species. One of its kind, the northern white rhino is on the brink of extinction in the wild. Only four remain.
    Ol Pejeta Conservancy is home to three of the world’s last rhino. Scientists are using two different experiments to try to save them."

  • Study Finds 182 Tigers Left in World's Biggest Natural Habitat - Text + Audio - 9 August 2015
    "A tiger population count in 2004 found 440 tigers in the Bangladeshi part of the Sundarbans forest, the world’s largest mangrove forest.
    The new census found that only about 100 tigers are left in the Sundarbans forest of Bangladesh."

  • Changing Arctic Conditions Threaten Polar Bears - Text + Audio + Video - 30 July 2015
    "Researchers, following the animals on the Arctic, discovered sea ice is melting faster than predicted, making it harder for polar bears to survive.
    They are calling on nations to reduce greenhouse gases. If that does not happen, polar bears could one day disappear from our planet."

  • Cat Cafes Offer Cats and Coffee - Text + Audio - 26 April 2015
    "Most people go to a café to get their cup of coffee. At Cat Town Café in Oakland, California, they can also observe and play with cats.
    Cat Town Café is the first cat café in the U.S. It is a mix of a coffee shop and an adoption center for cats.
    Cat cafés are now spreading to other U.S. cities."

  • Fighting for Lions in Zimbabwe - Article + Audio - 15 March 2015
    "Conservationists are breeding lions in the Southern African nation of Zimbabwe.
    The wildlife experts hope to increase the lion population to keep the great cats from disappearing.
    In some areas, lions and human beings are competing for control of land."

  • New Technology Stops Illegal Fishing on the Seas - Article + Audio + Video + Quiz - 15 February 2015
    "Experts estimate that one out of every five fish sold was caught illegally. They say the illegal fishing market is worth $23.5 billion a year.
    It threatens food security and hurts the environment. Officials are using new observational technology to fight illegal fishing."

  • Is the Cheetah Fast Enough to Survive? - AUDIO + SCRIPT
    "In 1900, about 100,000 cheetahs lived in the world. Today there are only 10,000 of the animals. It appears that the cheetah is vulnerable to attacks by other animals because of its physiology - the way its body operates. The cat simply burns a lot of calories - the energy produced by food."



  • This Story Is 'The Cat's Meow!' - Text + Audio
    "This is a story about fraidy-cats, scaredy-cats, copycats, fat cats and everything else the cats dragged in."



  • From Birds to Bears, Animals Face Danger Around the World - TEXT + AUDIO
    "Hundreds of newly-identified plants and animals in Southeast Asia are in danger. Poachers killed a famous elephants in Kenya.
    And scientists are working to save polar bears population in Alaska and the Bering Sea."


  • All About Cats - The World's Favorite Pet - AUDIO + SCRIPT
    "These furry companions are curious, cuddly, and the world's most popular pet."


  • Alphabetimals - Listen to the animals and to the words. (
    "All the letters of the alphabets are illustrated by the corresponding animal species." (Neatorama)


  • A missing cat - a story
    Listen to it. + Interactive activities

  • Dogs - Listen! - with the transcript and activities


  • Animals
    "Apprendre et mémoriser les noms des animaux en anglais.
    Associez l’animal à sa traduction."
    (Soundguide - Rodolphe Maurel)



  • Easy Pet Care - "A man tries to persuade his neighbor to take care of his unusual pets." (
    I. Pre-Listening Exercises II. Listening Exercises III. Post-Listening Exercises
    Level: Medium


  • Task Town is for students who want to participate with the audio.
    As you listen you need to make choices or interact with the audio. Have Fun!

    Animal Bingo
  • The World (with exercises) : Exotic Animal Theater (D) - (esl-lab)

  • The cat came back - Work on Rhythm
    Watch the animation, listen to the song and do the exercise.

    Activity created by: Renée Maufroid

    And the Cat Came Back

  • The camel's complaint
    - 10 activités autour du poème de Charles E. Carryl
    Entraînement à la compréhension orale - Phonétique
  • The Owl and the Pussy Cat, by Edward Lear - read by Bernard Cribbins- BBC Collection
    Entraînement à la compréhension orale
    - compréhension globale
    - chaîne sonore
    - formes faibles