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(Updated on 14/09/2016)

  • Which animals do these eyes belong to?
    "There are many spectacular and colourful eyes in the animal kingdom, can you identify which animals these belong to?"


  • Animals - Vocabulary - a worksheet (pdf) créée par Céline Leroux (Ac. Lille)
    + Answers (pdf)

  • Un petit dossier sur un épisode de Family Dog (pdf) pour mes 5èmes Segpa
    et accessoirement pour mes 5èmes générales, plus rapidement, sous forme de petit bilan lexical.

    Créé par Magali Malherbe (Ac. Amiens)

  • Rock 'N Roll Zoo
    "The 77 animals in our new Rock N' Roll Zoo are inspired by the titles of songs (and a handful of other references) from the history of popular music"




  • Sacred Pythons - a worksheet - Niveau : 5ème - Use of the preterit
    sent by sylvie Bertrand (Ac. Nantes)
    The link given on the worksheet does not work any more. Use this one: the tale.


  • Old MacDonald had a farm (British Council)
    "The kit includes ideas to engage the children in the tale in addition to a host of activities
    to exploit the story and to extend the topic of farms and farm animals."


  • Pets (British Council) - Click on "PRINT AND DO" on the left.
  • Whose feet ? "Match each animal to its feet." (



  • "Label the pets in English." (enchantedlearning)
  • Birds - (enchantedlearning)
    "Label the birds (and related terms), including:
    feather, wing, nest, egg, beak, penguin, pigeon, eagle, hummingbird, and swan."
  • Insects - "Label the insects using the word list." (enchantedlearning)


  • Know about animals and their way of life - (activitice)
    "Match the mother with the baby , then match the guest with its food , thirdly , find the animals that live during the night and finally match the animal and its house."

  • RSPCA Rescue (text with symbols) - use of passive voice - (symbolworld)