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(Updated on 15/09/2016)



  • Leona Helmsley (1920 - 2007) "was a billionaire New York City hotel operator and real estate investor."
    She "left her beloved white Maltese, named Trouble, a $12 million trust fund, according to her will..."

    Nickname : "Queen of Mean"


    • Rich US dog hiding after threats - 4 December 2007
      "A dog which inherited $12m (£5.8m) from late New York hotelier Leona Helmsley is in hiding after it was targeted
      by death thre
      ats, US media say."
    • Judge cuts US dog's $12m legacy - 16 June 2008
      "A judge in New York has agreed to slash $10m (£5.1m) off the $12m inheritance given by real estate billionaire Leona Helmsley to her pet dog, Trouble...
      Mrs Helmsley's will says when Trouble dies she will be buried alongside her and her late husband Harry in their mausoleum. Mrs Helmsley and her husband built a company which managed some of New York's most prestigious addresses, including the Empire State Building, as well as hotels across the country."

      Vocabulary :

    Legacy = gift, inheritance

    To slash something such as costs or jobs means to reduce them by a large amount

    Real estate is property in the form of land and buildings

    A will = last wishes, a testament

    • Trouble, the dog that inherited $12m, dies - 10 June 2011
      "One of the world's richest dogs, which inherited $12 million (£7.3m) from eccentric US hotelier Leona Helmsley, has died...
      The funds held in trust for her care have reverted to the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust for charitable purposes."