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(Updated on 15/09/2016)



  • The Ornate Bird Palaces of Ottoman-Era Turkey - 28 July 2017
    "An important element of Ottoman architecture in Turkey was the addition of birdhouses affixed to the outer walls of significant city structures, a safe space for regular avian guests to nest outside of mosques, inns, bridges, libraries, schools, and fountains..."



  • Rewilding Mozambique – funded in part by trophy hunting - 19 June 2017
    "Over the next few years, Sango Wildlife Conservancy in Zimbabwe is donating 6,000 animals to rewild a war-torn park across the border in Mozambique. Sango’s owner says it couldn’t have happened without revenue from big-spending trophy hunters."

  • How high above the ground can life endure?
    "Life is tough on the highest mountains, thanks to freezing cold, intense winds and thin air.
    But some animals still manage to live on the roof of the world."


    Red panda

    Snow leopards


    Jumping spider



  • Animal Homes
    "Animals live in a variety of different kinds of homes from holes in the ground, to caves, to nests and trees.
    Come explore where some animals live."




Dog Houses :

  • Designer Dog Houses
    They "range in price from $900 to over $100,000.
    They are designed with the personality and habits of the dog in mind, and also to compliment the style of the owner's house..."