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(Updated on 15/09/2016)


  • Chinchilla Pet Care Basics
    "If you are interested in a chinchilla for a pet, there are some things you’ll need to know. Here are some tips for caring for a chinchilla."



  • What It Takes - Jane Goodall - Text + Audio - 18 May 2018
    "Her study of chimpanzees in the wild changed everything we know about our hairy, tree-swinging relatives.
    It also led to profound changes in zoos, in the use of animals for scientific research, and in our understanding of the relationship between humans and the environment."


  • Top dogs: our canine friends through the ages – in pictures - 24 April 2018
    "From a pipe-smoking labrador to a future president with a puppy, Raymond Merritt’s The Dog in Photography chronicles people and their canines from 1849 to today"


  • The week in wildlife – in pictures - 13 April 2018
    "Orphaned baby elephants and mating hamlets are among this week’s pick of images from the natural world"


  • Amazon Discoveries - with pictures
    "The new species found where few scientists have gone before"


  • Crufts 2018: The world's largest dog show, in pictures (45) - 11 March 2018

  • Making boots from hippopotamus and ostrich - 7 March 2018
    "Using exotic game skin leathers such as crocodile, buffalo, hippopotamus and ostrich, its boots remain much in demand around the world."



  • How Wild Animals Self-Medicate - 7 February 2018
    "Borneo being short on physical therapists, orangutans, especially adult females, have been known to chew the leaves of a local plant
    and rub the resulting paste onto the painful area...
    Chimpanzees were observed consuming the bristly leaves of a bitter African plant.
    The medicinal plants were purging parasites from the digestive tract, resulting in rapid health improvement."



  • World record for Indian aviary that houses thousands of birds - 15 January 2018
    "An Indian aviary has been awarded a Guinness World record for having the largest number of different bird species in one place.
    Talkative cockatoos, colourful parrots and affectionate sun parakeets are among the 2000 birds on show at the Shuka Vana or parrot park in India's southern Mysore city."  




  • Wildlife Convention Protects Animals Great and Small - Text + Audio + Photos + Video - 5 October 2016
    "Representatives from 183 countries attended the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species conference, known as CITES.
    The delegates discussed ways to save hundreds of animals from disappearing permanently."

  • Zambia's front line between elephants and humans - 26 September 2016
    "As the Cites conference on endangered species meets in Johannesburg, the BBC's Matt McGrath travelled to Zambia to hear the voices of people with first-hand experience of conflicts between humans and wildlife."

  • The country with too many elephants - 12 September 2016
    "In one of the largest animal translocations attempted, one team is in the process of moving 500 elephants to new pastures...
    In June 2016, the process of moving 500 elephants from southern to northern Malawi began.
    The reason for moving them is surprising – while Africa as a continent struggles to protect the elephant species from extinction, in Malawi's Liwonde National Park there are actually too many of these giant creatures roaming the plains..."

  • Pioneering 'diaries' reveal the secret lives of animals - Article + Photos + Video - 9 September 2016
    "How do you tell if an elephant is having a good day? Or spy on the nocturnal squid-catching skills of the albatross?
    This week at the British Science Festival, Prof Rory Wilson of Swansea University has been divulging the secrets of the animal kingdom,
    including penguin diving habits, albatross hunting methods and the emotional states of elephants."

  • Careers With Animals - 16 August 2016
    "Do you love animals? Have you ever thought of finding a career that lets you work with them?
    Imagine spending your days tending to the needs of our furry friends. If you want a career with animals, you have many options from which to choose.
    Take time to explore each one. They are very different from one another in terms of responsibilities, education and training, and earnings.  
    While one may not be a good choice for you, another could very well be."

  • 10 of History's Craziest Cat People
    "Many illustrious historical personages had a beloved cat or two, but some of them were full-on crazy cat people, filling their homes with felines
    and far preferring their companionship to that of humans. Here are 10 famous historical figures who were unabashed crazy about cats."



  • US Military Dog Awarded Top Honor for Bravery - Text + Audio - 9 April 2016
    "An American military service dog received some well-deserved recognition from a British charity.
    Lucca, a 12-year-old German shepherd, is credited with saving thousands of soldiers during war-time patrols."




  • Spotlight: Corduroy is crowned the oldest living cat - 13 August 2015
    "This week, Guinness World Records has confirmed that Corduroy is the Oldest cat living after he recently turned 26 years old
    - an impressive age considering domesticated cats have an average lifespan of 15 years."



  • New York Airport Will Have World's First Animal Terminal - 20 July 2015
    "Behold The ARK. New York's Kennedy Airport is building a 4-acre facility on its grounds to house animals which are in the airport temporarily while traveling or for quarantine. When completed, it will have a bone-shaped dog pool, trees for cats, a private mating area for penguins, and stalls for horses..."

    "For dog owners, The ARK will offer a 20,000-sqf (1,860-sqm) luxury “resort” run by the company Paradise 4 Paws, complete with bone-shaped splashing pools, massage therapy and “pawdicures with colored nail pawlish.”
    Dogs can watch flat-screen TVs and their owners can check in on them via webcam.
    Cats will have their own trees to climb. And all animals will have access to a 24-hour clinic run by Cornell University’s veterinary college."

    (The Guardian)



  • Animals Dying in California Oil Spill - Text + Audio + Video - 3 June 2015
    "Thousands of liters of oil have been released into the ocean and along the coast of central California.
    Dead animals have been found along the coast of Central California almost every day for the past two weeks.
    Workers are trying to rescue animals affected by the spill."





  • Medieval Pet Names
    "In England we find dogs that were named Sturdy, Whitefoot, Hardy, Jakke, Bo and Terri...
    Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Nun’s Priest Tale has a line where they name three dogs: Colle, Talbot and Gerland...
    In medieval England domestic cats were known as Gyb – the short form of Gilbert ...
    Belaud, a grey cat belonging to Joachim du Bellay in the 16th century...
    A poem:
    I and Pangur Bán, my cat
    ‘Tis a like task we are at;
    Hunting mice is his delight
    Hunting words I sit all night."

  • US spending on pets 'passes $50bn'
    "Food and veterinary costs accounted for about 65% of the figure, but the category of "pet services" grew faster than any other, totalling $3.79bn (£2.39bn) in 2011.
    Pet services includes grooming, boarding, pet hotels, and pet-sitting..."


  • Why do people dress up their pets?
    "In the US and UK the market for clothing for pets is growing. But is it a sensible bit of indulgence or an inappropriate fad, asks Helen Soteriou."




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  • Animal communication :

  • An International Guide to Animal Talk (Fact Monster)
    ex : BIRD : "Tweet-tweet"

  • Animal Communication (body language) - (Fact Monster)



  • Cat owners are 'cleverer'
    "Cats have long been thought to be cleverer than dogs - and now it seems the same is true of their owners...
    The combined cat and dog population of Britain is more than 20.8 million..
    People with cats are more likely to have university degrees than those with dogs, according to a scientific survey of pet ownership...
    The study... also found that cat owners were more likely to be older and female. "


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  • Canine moods :
    • Yap-lication unlocks canine moods
      "The nuances of a dog's barks, howls, yaps and growls can now apparently be discerned by a new computer program
      developed by Hungarian scientists."





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